The Ono Academic College School of Music is a successful merger between the Hed College of Music and Ono Academic College. The school hosts the best musicians and composers in Israel, fully equipped classrooms, new studios and state-of-the-art technology. The School of Music will award graduates with bachelor's degrees in music B.Mus. in a unique program whose goal is to train musicians to actually become part of the local and international music industry in composition and performing, in every musical style, in in teaching, musical arrangement, conducting, production, sound, professional and home studio recording.

Do you feel like you've got it? Do you want to become a part of the music industry and succeed? 

We believe that musicians who want to become part of today's musical scene while preserving uniqueness as a composer, must be familiar with all the elements of music production: lighting, composing, scoring, performing as well as familiarity with various musical styles, recording, production and marketing. The B.Mus. graduates are musicians who have a broad, multi-disciplinary skill set, with the ability to become part of today's music scene in a variety of different ways.

At the School of Music you will be able to develop musically by being closely accompanied by Israel's finest musicians, composers and music teachers. The personal family atmosphere provides a system of support that will help you find your place in the musical fields.

As a student of the School of Music you will have available:

  • A unique faculty comprised of the best teachers, composers and musicians in Israel
  • Talented students who play a variety of musical instruments, in a variety of styles and are looking for cooperation with you!
  • Well rounded music curriculum to expand your skills – depth, diverse styles and broad range of skills – none other like it in Israel!
  • A wealth of opportunities to perform.
  • Professional fully equipped production studios.Sophisticated student lounge with home studio recording, computers with wide LCD screens, and a rich digital library.
  • Editing and post rooms.
  • Fully equipped computer classrooms
  • Practice rooms.
  • Performance hall.

 Yehuda Cohen, Director                                                      Prof. Noam Sheriff, Dean

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